Protect Your West Milton & Williamsport PA Home With the Proper Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation & Insulation Installation

Proper insulation can save you money on your energy bills. The professionals at Boss Insulation & Roofing, Inc. can install insulation at residential and commercial properties in West Milton and Williamsport PA.

If you’re looking for quality spray foam, we install high-density, closed-cell, two-pound foam. It serves as a great moisture and air barrier. We can blow fiberglass into your side walls and around your attic, if you prefer. Contact us right away to start saving on your energy bills.

The benefits of insulation

The benefits of insulation

Adequate insulation at your property can offer benefits in addition to energy savings, including:

  • An increase in your comfort.
  • A lower amount of pollen, dust and insects entering your home.
  • A reduction of outside noise.

Choose us to install your insulation. Call 570-568-7301 to discuss your options.